Some businesses just do not know how to keep up with their appointments. They are not totally in control of their schedules. For salon owners, it is important that they keep track of appointments from their valued clients. Keeping up with their schedules is a part of providing excellent customer service. Gone are the days when customers had to make an appointment over the phone. With the dawn of the Internet, it is now possible to book online.

Most customers of salons would want to book appointments during non-business hours. Young customers even want to book appointments online. This is where a  scheduling tool can come in handy. Now your customers would simply have to go to your website and fill up the booking form. On your part, you need to check or monitor if there are appointments from customers so you can properly schedule your staff. Aside from the capability of being able to monitor appointments, there are several benefits that you can derive from online scheduling software.

It can save time

In the traditional method of booking appointments, customers had to call the salon for a scheduled service. This can be a source of distraction for your employees. They could find themselves answering the call while servicing a customer. Online scheduling frees your salon personnel the hassle of answering a phone call in the middle of a treatment.  It will not only save the time of your personnel but also that of your customer. You would simply have to tell your customers that they can make an appointment online.

First impressions last

Providing excellent service is one of the ways you can make a great first impression on your customers. When they make an appointment, it is a good sign that they want to try out your salon so you need to make a good first impression. When they book an appointment, customers would want to have a good experience from it. As such, you would want to make it as pleasant as the possible and such goal can be achieved with an appointments calendar.

You can check anytime

With an online booking, it does not have to be business hours to check for any appointments. The booking tool can be accessible to both you and your customer anytime anywhere any day. Upon booking, your customer will easily know if you are available before booking. The appointment will appear on your calendar instantly. The software comes with notifications so you can make the necessary adjustments in the schedules of your staff. The good thing about this tool is that it is accessible regardless of the device you are using.

Prevents double booking

For some people, scheduling appointments can be a little tricky. In the traditional way, it is likely that a customer will be booked two times and this can become a problematic situation on your part. However, when customers are booked online, such problems can be prevented. Some of these systems can handle complex schedules even if you have two booking systems.

Cost-efficient solution

A salon scheduling software can be an effective cost-cutting measure. This tool does not only help in booking a customer, but it can also help with automatic payment. This way, you would not have to sort out your accounts. Likewise, you will be automatically notified when a product is out of stock so you can order while supplies last.

Issues About Online Booking

As good and convenient as they are, appointment scheduling tools are still hounded by some common concerns. It is worth noting that online booking does not substitute phone call appointment. All customers are not created equal when it comes to making appointments. Some still prefer over the phone scheduling while others like to schedule online. So don’t ditch your telephone unit just yet.

Another issue is that although clients can leave a message and gets a return call from you, this may not be feasible for next day appointment. By not using online booking, you can entertain calls from clients who may be calling the night before or early in the morning. With online booking, salon personnel will become more client-focused as they will have more time in helping customers determine the kind of services they want to book.

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