It is considered to be a painstaking task for new traders to find suitable forex brokers. In reality, they have a tendency to choose the best forex brokers in 2018 in order to ensure their trading process. But, is it easy for us to opt for perfect forex brokers in forex market? In order to answer this question, we should focus on many different aspects which enable us to have a better understanding about this market. As a result, when we grasp some basic information about this market, we can win easily. It would be really beneficial for you to determine exactly what kind of forex account suitable for you. From my own perspective, it is very useful for us to alter the forex brokers after considering different aspects connected to them. For me, after a long period of trading, we need to make sure that whether that broker is suited for us or not. As a matter of fact, by doing these steps, we can totally know whether or not that broker is good or bad. To make it more specific, I will show you a list of three perfect forex brokers for beginners so that you can bank on. 9/10 9/10 8/10 

1. What do new traders not understand about perfect forex brokers?

In fact, thanks to experiencing different brokers, I realize that choosing best forex broker is not a good method. Due to the fact that there is no best forex broker in this market. Our must-do duty is to opt for suited forex brokers, and launch some wonderful forex trading strategies. It is evident that new traders often lose a lot of money at the beginning. Hence, it would be a trial test for forex beginners to understand this market and form some effective strategies.

2. Some misconceptions of new forex traders.

It is widely said that using forex demo account is an effective method that they can benefit from. However, it is not a good idea of using forex demo account because of its adverse aspects. Unquestionably, Cent account can be a great one for new traders which helps them to enjoy more benefits. ECN account is not completely suitable for new traders because it is for experienced forex traders. As a result, it is beneficial for new traders to avoid using this type of account.

3. Some certain criteria of being perfect brokers

In reality, people tend to judge the brokers through many different factors. In order to determine whether or not that is a perfect forex brokers, we should pay much attention to some certain standards.

–     Low deposit requirements.

–     Small trading lot requirements.

–     Easy.

–     Good local support.

–     Trusted brokers.

–     Good training and coaching programs.

Low deposit:

It is the fact that experienced traders have a strong affection for reliable forex brokers. It is because they care much about the credibility of brokers and their trading conditions. On the other hand, it is not a vital thing for forex beginners because the lower value. Certainly, broker tend not to cheat on new traders, but they will nurture new traders and give their clients the variety of good trading conditions.

Why small trading lot the most crucial thing?

It is advisable that new traders should make a good decision before trading. They should open many positions with small value at the beginning. Indeed, you need to pay closer attention to some brokers such as XM, Exness and FBS. It is because you can have a chance to open your positions as small as 0.00001 Lot USD.

New trader should focus on “Easy”?

Because the complexity of forex market, the majority of new traders cannot know how to gain their benefit. Therefore, they should find some suitable and easy strategies to make it more understandable. Consequently, I will give you some valuable advice that you should concentrate on.

–     Choose the easiest brokers in this complicated forex market.

–     Trading by web trade/web terminal at the beginning and then you trade MT4/MT5 later.

–     Deposit by Visa/Master at the beginning.

Is it local support really important?

The answer is yes. It would be very wonderful for all new traders can get supports from their brokers. Because they might meet some difficult times when they first trade. Thanks to local support, they can resolve everything easily and make them feel more confident.

Trusted brokers is also an important factor.

In my opinion, it is better for forex beginners to go for trusted forex brokers because their credibility. In fact, there are a lot of forex traders who lost their money because of choosing bad brokers.

Good training and coaching programs

From my perspective, it would be great for new traders to get monthly training program from their forex brokers. Yet, new traders should not deposit a larger amount of money when trading with these forex brokers. We should take a notice of one vitally important thing that whether

4. Why should we make a list of best forex brokers?

To help you have a good insight into best forex brokers, here are the list of three best forex brokers. 9/10 8.5/10 8/10

From my viewpoint, Exness and XM are listed in the top forex brokers in 2018. Therefore, thanks to these news, traders can make a good decision to choose exact brokers. Additionally, XM broker does not allow you to open small positions, and they have many trading programs.

5. Is it good for beginners to join demo contest?

The majority of new trader reckon that demo contest is a good opportunity for them to gain benefit, but it is unworkable. In fact, Demo contests are for experienced traders, who make use of robot trading to win. Hence, new traders rarely win this contest, and sometimes leads to the waste of time. I believe that we should keep track of other important matters. Due to the fact that we cannot gain high profit rate, we need to utilize our time to consider other important aspects such as trading strategies, perfect brokers.

6. Is it good for new traders to collect welcome bonus?

Welcome bonus is regarded as a good thing for forex beginners but sometimes it is futile. The very simple reason is that traders are unlikely to have profit or withdraw their benefit. Additionally, brokers tend to ask you to follow different conditions to get back your profit, and ask you to deposit more. A bad scenario is that you might lose all your money.

Through this article, I hope that you can have a good understanding about how to choose perfect forex brokers and know how to avert some bad brokers. Before we come to one broker, we need to make sure that we need to pay much attention to some certain aspects.

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