Demo Trading Account features

Fully understanding the movement of trading in Forex online is not easy for everyone. Even you have the basic knowledge about currency pairings, know how they work and operate, there still be the gap between having knowledge and applying it to practice in a full of risk free trade environment.

As a service provider, we thoughtfully understand your worries so we bring to you the solution to overcome this issue. In particular, each of the best demo account brokers through the website can probably offer a demo trading account for free.

All you have to do is signing it up, it might take a few minutes, then you can start your trading with supplied demo trading credits in a realistic trading environment with no fear of risk.

However, because it is demo account, so any profits you earn through trading by this account cannot be turned to your property. For the advantage, all the experience gathered while trading through this type of account will let you become a master in trading online environment and reduce losing risk in your real decision making in the future.

Forex Demo Trading Account: Principle you need to know

Basically, the Demo accounts are the normal accounts but you cannot use them to make profit like the real one. Let take an example in online gambling games, You are given demo accounts and you use them to play many games that you want. But, whatever the result is win or lose, your cash account or card associated online is still be safe. Therefore, you can  freely enjoy and confidently make decision.

The Forex demo account is the same, it is provided by the best forex brokers BRKV to help you get use to the real trading environment with live data, then you can practise trading. In addition, there are a heap of benefits when having demo account such as:

  • Understand procedure of Forex trading system
  • Real data of transaction and real-time up to date any changes occur
  • Cannot gain real money but never lose in trading
  • Be the strategic trader in Forex

The Demo Trading Account features

There are some features that make

The demo account also have wonderful feature as well as the real one but with a little bit of difference, they are below:

  • Purchasing and selling prices are real live values
  • Huge budget of virtual money existed in demon account
  • Available trading time: 24 hours of day and 5 days of week

Although inheriting the features and having all abilities to imitate the real market, the demo accounts can operate in 100% simulated environment. That is the point distinguish them from the real accounts.

However, there is the lack of their dependencies on the liquidity of live Forex market. In addition, the obvious available multiple products would not be allowed to trade on live forex account.

The operational order execution in the Demo account condition occurs major invariable results such as fast paced transactions, lack of rejection, the absence of failures or slippages. Furthermore, the live account is also different from the demo account in the mean of margin expectation. There is always a gap between the real account and real accounts

Here is the list of my selected Brokers providing best Demo accounts:

  1. Exness bonus
  2. Hotforex bonus
  3. XM bonus
  4. FBS bonus

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