The emotional shock and grief of a family that has lost a beloved suddenly can never be compensated with money. Yet, one cannot dismiss the significance of money for survival, especially if the deceased was the primary bread-earner in the family. In such situations, you are likely to undergo huge amounts of stress, not just emotionally but also financially. Moreover, the party whose negligence or wrongful play had caused the death should be put to task. And that’s when you need wrongful death attorney.

A wrongful death attorney is a legal professional specialized in fighting wrongful death cases and winning financial compensations for the bereaved parties. The maximum timeframe for filing a wrongful death claim in California is two years from the date of the victim’s death. So, if you have lost a beloved due to someone else’s guilty act or negligence, make sure that you hire a reputed orange county wrongful death attorney without any further delay. And while you look up for the best legal professionals in this business, we tell you everything you should know about hiring a wrongful death attorney.

When To Hire An Orange County Wrongful Death Attorney

The surviving spouse of the deceased, the domestic partner, the parents or the grandparents, the financial dependents or the victim’s surviving children, grandchildren and siblings can hire an attorney to fight a wrongful death lawsuit. The circumstances under which they can do so are as follows:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents (Car, Truck, and Motorcycle)
  • Boating Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Medication Error
  • Defective Product
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Construction Accidents
  • Dog Bite

Categories Of Damage

Wrongful death claims are financial compensations for the damages done to the families due to the wrongful deaths of the victims – i.e. death for no fault of their own. The damage claims are of two categories:

  1. The immediate damage: This is measured in terms of the physical and emotional sufferings, medical emergency bills, and funeral expenses.
  1. The long-term damage: The long-term damage calculates the entire value lost of the earning potential of the victim had he or she been alive. It can potentially cover the lost income of the entire earning span of the deceased if he or she were alive.

Why Hire An Orange County Wrongful Death Attorney

Filing a wrongful death lawsuit is a complicated process, to say the least. It needs a specialized handling, which only a wrongful death attorney can offer. Here are four important reasons why you must hire a wrongful death attorney in Orange County to fight a lawsuit.

  1. You Can Rightfully Come Down Hard On The Guilty

You have every right to know what and who had caused the pain, and eventually the death of your loved one. The guilty mustn’t be let free without paying for it. A wrongful death attorney is specialized to undertake an extensive investigation and review the available evidence. The attorney can enlighten you of the truth and penalize the culprit in a proper and effective manner.

  1. You Must Be Compensated For The Financial Loss

Seeking financial compensation for death might sound shamelessly selfish. However, a practical outlook would tell you that the sudden and untimely death of the primary bread-earner in the family will cause monetary upheavals. The principal family income hitherto sourced from the victim will suddenly dry out. The immediate family members will be pushed into an unexpected situation of financial crisis. Adding to the woes are the post-death expenses like clearing the medical bills and arranging for the funeral.  An Orange County wrongful death attorney helps to recover monetary compensations from the guilty for triggering these financial losses.

  1. You Don’t Have To Pay Unless Your Attorney Wins You The Case

Yes, you don’t have to pay the contingency fees to the attorney till he or she has won the case. So, hiring an attorney at a time of a financial crunch and an emotional crisis won’t be a burden. Rest assured your attorney will go an extra mile to win the fees at least.

  1. The Criminal Law Cannot Help Every Time

Not every instance of wrongful death comes within the periphery of criminal law. For example, a dog owner cannot be criminalized because his Bedlam hound was on the loose and had bitten a passerby to death. Or a medical practitioner might not have to undergo a legal trial for administering medicine on a patient that caused a reaction, causing death. An Orange County wrongful death attorney can help file lawsuit even if the cause of death is outside the purview of criminal law.

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