Thinking About a Relocating to South America? 4 Big-Picture Pointers to Consider

Ever thought about packing up and moving to South America?

Might sound crazy on the surface, right?

Well, it’s really not that insane at all.

In fact, South America remains one of the top destinations among expats from the United States.

From the country’s incredible natural beauty and vibrant cultures, there’s plenty that the continent has to offer those who want to call it home.

But beyond the legalese and fine details of securing a visa, what should you consider from a big-picture perspective before planning to move to South America! To help you think it over, we’ve outlined points to consider.

Yes, You Should Strive to Learn Spanish or Portuguese

Simply put, the process of assimilating will be much, much easier if you know the native tongue. If you’re mulling over a potential destination, it’s best to at least start learning common phrases now so that perhaps by the time you make the journey you’ll have a base level of knowledge.

Doing is so is a smart move not just for practicality, but also for your ability to travel and navigate the content. For example, many Uruguayans send remittance payments to their home country while working in neighboring nations due to job opportunities elsewhere without having to worry about a language barrier.

Similarly, if you want to vacation or explore new careers within the continent, already having a new language under your belt in a point in your favor.

The Local Sights Are Totally Worth Relocating For

Speaking of vacationing, South America itself is a prime tourist destination for a reason.

The beaches of Copacabana in Rio De Janeiro? The Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina? Easter Island off the coast of Chile?

That doesn’t even scratch the surface of the must-see spots in South America and nearby Central America, to boot. The tropical and subtropical climates combined with endless beaches and things to do is a major plus for expats and tourists alike, especially those who’ve lived in colder areas.

Not All Cities Are Exactly Budget-Friendly

South America is often cited by expats for its low cost of living. While there are indeed cheaper spots to settle down, bear in mind that living somewhere too low rent could be potentially dangerous or otherwise uncomfortable. On the flip side, spots like Sao Paulo, Santiago and Buenos Aires may be out of the price range of those trying to live in the city proper.

Just like moving anywhere else, it’s all about doing your homework and finding what works with your budget.

You’ll Have to Decide Between Remote Work and an In-Person Gig

Expats and those with special skill sets will have to decide whether they want to try to find a job locally or work remotely. Either option is viable, although finding a tech job in South America may require a bit of digging as well as some competition from tech-savvy locals.

Of course, many expats from the United States are indeed remote workers who can comfortably get their business done from just about anywhere. As long as you’re living in the proximity of a metro area, you’re likely golden.

There are tons of variables to consider when relocating anywhere, and South America is the same way. That said, those with a serious adventurer who want to hit the reset button on their lives should look no further.

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