People who frequently travel know that there is just as much danger in traveling as there is fun in it. Travelling without the security of annual travel insurance can be dangerous, especially if you’re travelling solo and away from your family.

But just getting any travel insurance is not enough. There are things that good travel insurances cover that some cheap travel insurances don’t. And these important coverages come handy if things go wrong during your trip.

When buying travel insurance in Singapore, Make sure that your travel insurance has these 3 important coverages:

1. Emergency medical care

Moving to a new environment can bring about a lot of health problems, especially when you’re not used to the new weather and climate. There’s also the possibility that your body isn’t used to the lifestyle and culture of the place you’re visiting and you can catch some environmental sickness.

When traveling, there is a higher chance of catching an illness or getting into a health-related emergency. While some illnesses could be cured with just a little bed-rest, some could be life-threatening and dangerous. That’s why it’s important that your annual travel insurance covers emergency medical care when you are travelling.

2. Bedside visit/compassionate visit

Being confined in a hospital room in a foreign country can be a very scary thought. Not knowing anyone and having to deal with hospital paperwork on your own can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s important that your travel insurance should cover bedside/compassionate visits.

If bedside/compassionate visit is covered by your insurance provider, they will cover a family member of close friend’s flight to your location to help you with the paperwork. Having this in your annual travel insurance will ensure that you have a companion that can assist you when you get in an emergency accident. This also protects you from fraud or harassment in a foreign country.

3. Overseas Assistance

Lastly, you need to make sure that your insurance provider is reachable 24/7 when you travel out of the country. Since traveling comes with a lot of risks, you want to make sure that you can get in touch with your insurance provider at all times.

With a lot of trouble happening all over the globe, no one can predict when a natural calamity will hit or when political unrest will breakout. That’s why it’s crucial to have an insurance provider that provides 24-hour hotline service and assistance from any part of the world.

A good insurance provider can provide travel, evacuation, and medical assistance to their clients at any time and include loss of baggage and travel documents as well as an arrangement of return flights or getting embassy assistance.

Traveling overseas is no doubt a fun and liberating experience, but it comes with many risks and dangers. So when you apply for an annual travel insurance, it’s important that you are appropriately insured and that you have the above-mentioned coverages in your insurance policy. Having these 3 in your insurance plan will ensure that you have a safe and relaxing vacation.

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