Why Good Food Is Essential If You Want A Productive Business Meeting

Business Meeting

The thought of being stuck inside a boardroom for a couple of hours during the day brings dread to most people. Although the purpose of a business meeting is to increase productivity and to find solutions that will make the office run more efficiently, the result is usually a long and drawn out meeting without any progress. The main reason for this is the lack of motivation and boredom during a meeting, which can be solved by offering food.

How does food affect the mood and the progress of a meeting?

Here are a few facts about food from office caterers that might surprise you:

Eating Healthy Food Helps In Boosting Productivity

People need the energy to function and work properly. The usual go-to food options at the office are vending machine snacks and take out, which can give people the boost in energy that they need, but it doesn’t last long. Unhealthy, sugary foods tend to result in a sugar crash after an hour or two leaving people feeling lethargic and lazy.

Healthy food offered, on the other hand, offers the body a stable source of energy that can last the entire day. If everyone in the meeting feels full for longer and has enough energy to continue, surely productivity will increase for the day.

Eating Together Helps Employees Bond

Food has a way of connecting people. Employees who are stuck in a room for hours on end find that they can easily form a bond and connection with each other if they also share a meal or two. Plus, the act of eating with others creates a more positive atmosphere in the room.

Use the lunch break to get to know the people in your team and when you form a friendship or a certain level of camaraderie, meetings become more productive and enjoyable as a whole. Sometimes people can even find inspiration during lunch and the ideas they share might just make a big difference for the company.

Catered Lunches Shows The Company Cares

Employees that feel like they are undervalued tend to work less and they get demotivated very quickly. Sadly, when a company does not take care of their workforce, this usually leads to a decrease in effort and productivity in the office. Although it might seem small and inconsequential, offering free meals is a good way to show your employees that you care about them and you value their hard work.

A healthy meal twice a week might just be the only way some employees have a chance of eating something that isn’t from a fast food restaurant. Show them that you care for their health and wellbeing through small gestures like a healthy catered office lunch.

The Work-Life Balance

Everyone has heard it, we all need work-life balance to thrive in life, but not all companies offer the perk of free meals for their staff. Be different, foster a sense of care and appreciation in the office during and outside of a meeting by sharing a meal with the people you work with, you won’t regret it.

Great food boosts team morale and productivity. If you are looking for office caterers that can help bring these to your workplace, contact Saint Germain Catering today.


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