4 Reasons Why Your Car Insurance Claim Can Be Denied

bumper damage insurance claim

The process of filing for a car insurance claim is such a hassle. It is even more devastating to find out that all your hard work only resulted in a denied insurance claim. Not only are you left to pay for the cost of repairs out of pocket, but you have also already wasted hours just to file for the claim. Instead of rushing to argue with the insurance provider and find yourself at an impasse with the company, it might be best to review your situation and identify the reasons why the claim was denied.

As soon as you can see where you went wrong, you can make adjustments and ensure the next time you file for a car insurance PA claim it will not be denied. These are the most common reasons why car insurance claims are denied, even when you think you already have the best car insurance in PA:

Reason 1: Suspicions Of Fraud

The most common reason why insurance companies deny claims is when they are suspicious of fraud. It is in your best interest to be as thorough and as honest as possible when providing information about the accident. Any embellishment or exaggeration of the truth can result in a denied claim.

Aside from getting denied, there is also a risk of legal consequences when the insurance company finds out your claims are false. You can end up spending more because you can be charged for the cost of the investigation.

Reason #2: Hiding The Truth About Vehicle Modifications

Insurance companies are very strict when it comes to discrepancies. At any time you have made any modifications to your vehicle, no matter how small as long as they affect the car’s body, engine, and function it must be reported to the insurance company. Failing to report these changes will result in a denied insurance claim because the information provided about your vehicle no longer matches the one on their records.

Think of it as voiding the warranty because you made some unsanctioned modifications on your vehicle.

Reason #3: A Breach In Conditions

Read the best car insurance in PA conditions before signing them and take note of all specifications of the coverage. These policies spell out the specifics of the coverage and the moment any of these conditions are broken, your claim will be denied. If you took out a policy that covers vehicles for business use and the accident occurred during a personal trip, your claim will most likely be denied.

Reason #4: Reporting The Accident Late

The moment you delay reporting of the accident to the insurance company the chances of your claim getting denied increases. Most insurance providers allow 48 hours after the incident for clients to file a claim while others are more flexible with the time limit. As long as you are aware of this condition, you shouldn’t worry about getting rejected.

Avoid doing any of these insurance claim mistakes and you will most likely get your claim approved. As long as your claims are legit and they do not break any of the conditions, you are in good hands.

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